Thursday, August 29, 2013


I haven't done much worthy of an entire post lately, but my instagram account can give you a glimpse into what we've been up to:

Top Row, Left to Right:
1.  We have a pretty extensive vinyl collection.  One of my "new" (not vintage) favorites is Of Monsters and Men.  I bought this last year and was so excited to see that the record was hot pink when I opened it up!
2.  Lots and lots of beer.  James is a home brewer, so we drink lots of home brew and taste lots of others.  This is one of our favorites--Bell's Two Hearted Ale.
3.  We have loved the few cool weekends we've had this summer and have taken full advantage by hiking (something we normally reserve for spring and fall).  A couple of weekends ago we took a picnic to Petit Jean State Park and ate lunch with a beautiful view!
4.  My embroidery machine has gotten a little bit of a workout as well.  I love a simple monogrammed oxford.

Bottom Row, Left to Right:
1.  Arkansas's own Pineapple Whip!  Tastes just like Disney World and has been fabulous on the many hot days we've had this summer. :)  We even took a quart home to have with cake for my sister's birthday.
2.  Tons of Lilly wearing lately!  I've been cramming a lot in the last few weeks especially--only a few days of Lilly season left now!
3.  Never enough time with Natalie and those precious little legs!
4.  Love going to the farmer's market and making dinner with all of the seasonal veggies.  Last time we stopped by we got neat flavored popsicles from Le Pops.  Delicious!  Mine was pineapple and cilantro. It was fabulous.